Ans: Yes, UnitXPro can be implemented from small units consisting of just 5 employees to large units having hundreds of employees. Since it is designed to address key fundamental challenges like reducing risk, people management, increasing productivity and accountability while reducing attrition rates that exist in many industries. UnitXPro can be applied wherever a business owner/CEO faces these challenges regardless of industry or sub-sector.

Ans: All data is safely stored on our proprietary planet cloud platform.

Ans: Since UnitXPro is a cloud based software, the only prerequisite is a decent internet connection to run the software. It works on Google Chrome browser.

Ans: All our data is stored securely on our servers. UnitXPro uses SSL certificates from GeoTrust® that provides the ultimate online security and trust solution using 256-bit encryption.

Ans: Yes, Since UnitXPro can be installed on mobile devices, a user can get notifications regarding tasks that need immediate attention, fast approaching deadlines, new task assigned, etc. UnitXPro’s simplistic “Push notifications” enables your employees to view and easily manage their tasks on the go. By enabling this function employees can plan their day in advance and manage their time better.

Ans: Yes, the mobile app not only lets you update your status of the task but also keeps you informed about relevant objectives for the day on the go. As a business owner, you can get a bird’s eye view of all the units across the globe in the palm of your hand. UnitXPro works on both android and IOS mobile devices.

Ans: Yes, based on the company’s SOPs UnitXPro sets clear tasks and activities before employees.This reduces ambiguity and facilitates smooth operations leaving no room for miscommunication.

Ans: Yes, with the wealth of knowledge available at the fingertips of the employees such as manuals, E-learning and SOP documents for each task. Not only training but on-boarding new recruits can also be done without any hassle.

Ans: UnitXPro is process driven and focuses on process optimization and standardization.

Ans: No, because a user has certain number of tasks that must be performed every day.  If the task is left incomplete the task expires for the day. For unique task or tasks with specific deadlines, the user will be able to update the task status till the task has been completed.

Ans: Implementation depends on the scale of the company. The maximum time taken to implement the software is 12 weeks

Ans: We implement the software in multiple stages such as data gathering, internal & user testing and finally taking the system live for users.

Ans: Yes, to avail a product demo, one can get in touch with our team by using the contact information provided on our website or simply click here REQUEST DEMO