Aaron Xavier
July 10, 2017


As one of the main supply chain partners for renowned quick serving restaurants, our client is a global giant who provides Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian food products to their customers. They have certifications from numerous national and international food regulatory organizations. As a supplier, their main goal is to deliver the best possible product, consistently and efficiently to their clients. In order to maintain this consistency, they wanted a system that would not only increase accountability but also bring a change in their ‘way of working’. One of the major challenges they were facing in their prime manufacturing plant was complaints management. When they approached us (Planet Nextgen Technologies), we had already implemented UnitXPro at the supply chain partner locations of a leading fast food chain. We had seen significant improvement in the performance of the units under UnitXPro.

The food manufacturer had tried couple of ERP systems before but unfortunately they did not match their expectations. So we knew that we had to deliver a system that matched their needs and enable them to consistently deliver. Initially the team members were a bit apprehensive about UnitXPro as expected and had a lot of questions.


• Would this add additional work to my existing tasks?
• How do we escalate queries?
• Can we mail our reporting managers or stake holders precise information and status regarding a complaint?
• Can we export reports it in different formats?
• Is this system open to integration with other systems if need arises in the future?

For years they have been working in a certain way, so it was understandable initially there would be an adjustment period. Even their management believed that this would have a positive impact on the operations in the long run. One of the best examples was seen in the customer care department. Prior to UnitXPro the customer relationship manager would maintain complaints on spreadsheets and make reports on PPTs. All of it would be done manually which was time consuming and tedious. With UnitXPro, their customer relationship manager could easily manage complaints. Based on the data the system would automatically generate concise and detailed reports and immersive graphs. As per their requirement, the system would also allow them to send copies of reports in any format they needed like PDF, clv, XLS. This way the customer relationship manager can focus his attention more on analyzing data and in turn, become more efficient. From quality control to standard compliance and renewals, UnitXPro helps employees execute the activities allotted to them in a disciplined and timely manner and adhering to their SOPs.

They have eight plants across India. UnitXPro can be applied in multiple units, the plan was to initially implement UnitXPro in single unit and then gradually move to other plants. While discussing, they brought a key point to our attention. Since they have several plants in different regions some of the processes followed by the other plants were different. For example, an employee working at a plant in one location might devise a better solution to tackle a problem than an employee working at a plant in another location. The latter might not be aware of the same. This way you lose out on the precious learnings from a unit. With UnitXPro, processes across the units are shared so that when one unit finds a better way of executing a task, other units simultaneously benefit. This is an example of how UnitXPro can help grow your business, while enabling you to perform better.

In our initial meetings, we got validation from the employees themselves on how useful UnitXPro was going to be. As we discussed further, the real world applications of UnitXPro were clear. A few days later, they asked us to implement UnitXPro at their main plant.

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