Khushboo Patel
October 28, 2021

UNITXPRO & Food Manufacturing – Part 1 Operations Efficiency

UNITXPRO & Food Manufacturing - Part 1 Operations Efficiency

Food, the very basic need of humankind, has been transformed into various forms and shapes today, starting from a simple bread or an authentic dish to the most popular fast food range. But, each of these items has had a long journey before it reaches our plates. Food Manufacturing equipment play a major role in what we eat and how safe it is to eat.

Equipment related activities include:
  • Categorizing equipment as per OEM specifications
  • Preparing maintenance plan & monitoring of preventive maintenance performance as per the plan
  • Recording of equipment maintenance activities
  • Reporting breakdown and equipment uptime performance
  • Material weight and temperature recording
  • Capturing reject ratio per batch of production

These activities though difficult to track, are necessary to be done as even the smallest margin of error, may lead to loss of time, effort, money and most importantly, affect the quality of the food item in addition to delaying the rest of the process or having to forfeit an entire production batch.

In such scenarios, it is crucial that operations are not only, monitored at the production floor but also to have a bird’s eye view of the entire operations. The question here is, can a human do all that with high level of consistency and without errors?

Identifying and documenting all issues, recognizing patterns from various machine reading to prevent downtimes, keeping track of multiple operations at the same time, etc. are some of the real challenges, most food manufacturing companies face today.

Technology can help achieve better operations efficiency by measuring overall equipment effectiveness and thereby ensuring:
  • Considerable reduction in equipment downtime
  • Optimum utilization of entire production cycle
  • Improvement in production volume
  • Improve capacity utilization
  • Reduce in TAT of each work order execution

UnitXPro, a proprietary technology solution, developed by Planet NEXTgen Technologies, is a proven solution that helps food manufacturing companies realize the above impacts. This solution seamlessly integrates with the existing Information Systems, loTs and Sensors or any other application.

From working with one of the world’s largest quick serving restaurants (QSR) companies to one of the most trusted food processing Company, UnitXPro has been put to test multiple times, that too, under different circumstances. Yet, it has come out trumps and today, it serves highly esteemed multinational and Indian customers helping them achieve their efficiency goals.

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