Aaron Xavier
November 8, 2017


“Process Management is a discipline that improves enterprise performance by driving operational excellence and business agility.”

Many companies that establish standardised ways of process execution see real performance and productivity improvements in their day to day operations. Organizations use SOP’s to create consistency in the tasks that are performed. SOP’s if implemented and followed correctly are designed to improve quality, increase productivity and make your business compliant with industry regulations. On the other hand, the non-adherence to SOP’s can lead to decreased productivity, inefficiencies, delays and risks. The two major reasons for poor process implementation are outdated documented processes and the lack of an effective communication system. Standardizing and implementing processes across different units spread across multiple locations adds to the complexity of this challenge. To deal with these issues, it is essential to have a system that helps standardize, simplify and disseminate process related information to all employees across all units.

“A standard operating procedure, or SOP, is a set of step-by-step instructions compiled by an organization to help workers carry out complex routine operations”

UnitXPro is a cloud based solution, built on the concept of “Total Unit Management”. UnitXPro is designed to make it simple for your teams to learn and execute SOP’s safely and correctly. It aligns your company goals to all activities of each position in your organisation. It helps you effectively map and implement activities by identifying the sequence of steps required to complete them and by specifying, what needs to be done at each step, by whom and when. Using the proactive calendar management system, activities can now be calendarised based on the frequency of which they are supposed to be executed. Dashboards in UnitXPro provides employees on a daily basis, a comprehensive overview of these mapped tasks that they are expected to execute. The tab action feature in UnitXPro shows the best way to complete these tasks by giving access to up-to-date procedures, manuals, checklists and reports. These features ensure a standardized approach to execution across all your units. This standardization helps you inculcate a disciplined way of working within your organization thereby avoiding wastage of time and resources.

“UnitXPro is an ‘easy-to-function’ application for all the people working in our organization; employees know the best way to execute their work, at any time and place, always”
– Manager, hospitality sector.

Benefits of using UnitXPro:
Increased productivity –

UnitXPro helps users understand what’s expected of them by providing them an overview of all their activities for the day, segregating them according to their priority status. Through intuitive features like an integrated dashboard and push notifications employees are well informed about their daily tasks helping them achieve clarity of thought and action. This in turn helps them achieve peak performance and reduce the chances of tasks being left unaddressed.

Improved safety and quality –

UnitXPro ensures that all activities are carried out the way they were designed to be executed by showing the user the correct procedures involved to completing the task. This helps in mitigating the risk brought about by the lack of proper execution. This standardized execution of processes ensures greater consistency and improved quality control.

Operationalize resources faster –

UnitXPro provides users with a complete toolkit that helps them execute their tasks in the right manner the first time round, helping the company effectively operationalize resources faster with reduced cost structures.

Reduced Training Time -

Companies do not need to spend time and resources on classroom training sessions as UnitXPro comes with built-in e-Learning media that can be easily accessed by your employees across multiple units to understand how they are supposed to execute their work. This ensures that no matter what day it is or who is executing the work, the tasks that keep your organization running effectively will be done, the way they were designed to be done.

Lead the way using industry best practices –

UnitXPro comes built-in with industry leading best standards and practices that empower your employees to work and function according to industry leading quality and safety standards. This ensures that your units work at an optimum level and also helps you maximize resource and time usage.

While SOP’s outline the “how” and the “why” of procedures, UnitXPro helps you institutionalize SOPs across all your units in a disciplined manner. Make ‘out-of-date procedures’ and ‘disorganized execution’ a thing of the past by implementing UnitXPro. Know more